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25th January 2018 - New research


Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is essential for health. It is especially important for Parkinson's Disease because the brain's own formation of L-dopa is dependent on sufficient levels of vitamin B6. However, high levels of vitamin B6 can lessen the effect of L-dopa and thereby make Parkinson's Disease symptoms worse. A systematic review of unacceptable levels of vitamin B6 among L-dopa users was carried out. The results indicated that a vitamin B6 intake of more than 50 mg per day could reduce the efficacy of L-dopa. Such levels are not necessary for optimal health because the daily requirement of vitamin B6 is up to 2mg per day. Therefore, it is important that those people taking L-dopa for Parkinson's Disease should ensure that any supplements they are taking should not exceed 50mg vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) per day.

Reference : Shokuhin Eiseigaku Zasshi [2017] 58 (6) : 268-274 (Y.Sato, C.Yasumiishi, T.Chiba, K.Umegaki) Complete abstract   For more news go to Parkinson's Disease News


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